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  1. Nicoletta- I had no idea what you had been going through. I would say ‘i’m sorry’ etc etc, but I’m also sure thats not what you want to hear… and it is so typically you to set up a blog like this ( with very fancy pants wallpaper too if I might add!) Hope you dont ,ind if I read it, I am sure it will be elequent, insightful and amusing- with more than a passing reference to accessories. Go girl. You are one of the good ones!!!

  2. Well done Nic! Fabulous read and done in a way that will bring comfort and support to many others, I’m sure! Good luck and stay in touch. James x

  3. Loving your blog, can’t believe you had to take your stilettos off for the MRI scan! ( I bet you still had your lipgloss on though!) You are amazing.See you soon xx

  4. Hi nic , just to send some love and hugs . My best best friend has ms , she has had it 10 years – she is amazing just like you . It has it’s ups and downs but she never fails to amaze me . JO ( my friend ) tries all the latest medicines , she keeps fit at the gym and I’d running a 10 k next year .. If u need someone to speak to – JO is your girl , she is also a nurse prac so is in the know … Take care hon xxxx

  5. I love that wallpaper – it looks so familiar, perhaps used on one of the many invites that you have made over the years! Sod the MS, we have got to think of the next social event to plan … maybe a birthday party?!

  6. Nicoletta, I have just seen this on Nicki’s page. You are very brave and generous of heart to share your diagnosis. I look forward to reading your blog, you are so positive I am sure others will take comfort and strength from your experience.


  7. Hey! Miss Glamour puss! How proud we that know you are! To say I admire you and think that you are an inspiration is an understatement! If I can help in any way with anything you know where my office is!!! I’ll keep the lipgloss applied!!!! x x x

  8. Nic,
    Proud of you lady, here are to more champagne and spa days and kicking MS’s ass in your heels of course.
    Amanda xx

  9. Nic,

    When you first told me you thought you may have MS, I spent the following 12 months praying it wasn’t so, and when you were diagnosed, I wished for it to be taken away. As my sister has had MS for several years I know only too well that there isn’t a cure, but this blog is an amazing way of raising awareness and hopefully one day, in both your lifetimes, things will change. I am so proud that you have done this and can talk so candidly about your experiences for everyone else’s benefit.
    You are one of the most amazing women I know and have so much spark and drive that I know you will fight MS all the way; whilst being immaculately groomed and never letting it interfere with your passion for shoes!
    Whether it is fighting MS or shopping for shoes, I’m with you every step of the way.
    All my love always,

    Emma xxxx

  10. Hi Nicoletta, my mum’s just sent me the link – really sorry to hear of the diagnosis, but massive kudos on your attitude and this blog – wishing you all the best and sending you lots of happy thoughts.x
    Emma C.x

  11. Hello,
    I hope you don’t mind me signing up to your blog Nicoletta, you are one truly amazing person, your blog is amazing, it’s uplifting, funny and very emotional at the same time – I think your true calling is writing, it’s just a shame that is is based on fact and not fiction.
    My heart goes out to you reading what you are going through but I know your blog is going to be so helpful to so many different people in so many different ways.

    Lots of love
    Lauren [Neil and Pilla’s friend] xxx

  12. Nicoletta – I have always been a huge fan of yours and now more than ever I know why – you are awesome! I love your blog, it overflows with courage and sassisness, (is that a word?) just like you! I cannot believe we have not had this conversation? sending you love Jane Kenyon

  13. Hi Nicoletta,

    I met you once at a wtMS evening (the only be I’ve been to so far) though don’t think I really spoke to you. I LOVE your blog….. It sounds so familiar that if I had any way with words, I could have written it myself. Your description of the walking test made me laugh enough to snort my wine, I had a similar response to the word ‘test’ – going just after a 6foot something quite fit guy who did it in 15 secs, I did it in 13.5!!!

    And gin always helps!

    Hopefully meet you properly again soon, will be keeping up with the blog in the meantime.


  14. Hi Nic,

    I’ve just discovered your website via ‘Hot Gossip’ the local ms booklet.

    As a fellow ‘mser’ I have laughed so much reading your posts so a massive thank you and well done, keep up the fantastic blogs.

    Claire xxxx

  15. Hello! Simon from the Working Through MS group emailed us all and mentioned your blog. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I read it all from the start last night and just wanted to say thankyou, it was very inspiring and just nice to know that there was someone else out there who felt exactly like I do. I’ve been toying with the idea of going to a WtMS meeting so I may see you there sometime in the future! And congratulations on your fab news!!

    Danielle xx

  16. I stumbled across your blog last week whilst searching for something (not sure what!?) to add a little sanity to my current situation. As being diagnosed with a clinically diagnosed syndrome last year, and currently in the middle of what I assume to be a relapse, the decision of taking myself to the Dr to be diagnosed with MS is (stupidly) appearing to be extremely difficult for me! After reading your blog, I have put some real thought into it and have booked an appt for later this week – from what I’ve seen on here, it’s still possible to be fabulous even with MS…thank you x

    • Hello 🙂 thank you very much for your message.
      Without meaning to sound patronising I’m sorry to hear you’re having a pretty rubbish time.
      It’s not stupid – knowing there is something wrong with you and actually being told there is are two very different things! Plucking up the courage and getting to the appointment are the worse bits.
      MS is such a strange thing that having a diagnosis makes it easier somehow – it confirms you’re not going mad and you infact have legitimate symptoms!
      Very best of luck. Even if what you fear is confirmed I’m sure things will start to improve as you’ll get the help you need. Plus it won’t stop you doing anything you want to do.
      If I can do anything let me know xx

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