6 months, 6,661 readers later.

Six months ago today I wrote my first ever blog post ‘How it all began’. I didn’t really know who would read it but I wrote it anyway. It actually helped me a lot – writing down what had happened to me and how I felt about it, without the need to ‘censor’ the unpleasant details for friends and family, was actually pretty therapeutic in a funny kind of way.

And so I carried on writing about my experiences as they happened in the same frank, honest and I hope amusing kind of way – just the way that I am, I think.

Since then my blog has been viewed 6,661 times (as of now 9:49am on Saturday 30th June 2012). The busiest day by far was 7th January 2012 with 487 views – which coincided with my friend Jennie posting the link on her Facebook account and increasing my readership by 486 (up until then my mum was the only reader). Now there are regularly days when it is viewed around 100 times – they can’t all be my mother – surely?!

The ways in which people find my blog interests me greatly. Many, who presumably know me in some way, simply type ‘Nicoletta Amatino’ or ‘Glamorous Girls Get MS’ or something similar into Google. Some, however, make me wonder what it was they were actually looking for – I certainly don’t think it was my blog. My favourites include*:

‘have or had or having to take my or her or their or our nylons or stockings or tights off’

‘why cant you use yellow dabber for bingo’

‘glamorous girls flashing’

‘how likely i am to get run over by a bus tomorrow’

‘HHJ Lever’

‘nicoletta amatino husband’ (an admirer perhaps?!)

*sorry if any of these were you*

I have ‘met’ lots of fabulous people through writing the blog and through twitter – some who are living with MS like me – some who aren’t – but all have been supportive, understanding and in fact complimentary about the whole thing.

When I am writing I sometimes forget that most people I know and many that I don’t are going to read what I have written. And so there are now a lot of people who know all about my propensity to pass out, my weak bladder, my monster bites, my falling over and a whole host of other embarrassing stuff.

But if it makes someone giggle, especially someone else going through the exact same thing, then I don’t really mind.

There’s lots more to come so keep reading.

Nicoletta x


5 thoughts on “6 months, 6,661 readers later.

  1. Well done Nicoletta – it certainly doesn’t feel like six months but keep up the good work young lady. It will certainly be helping a great many people who are suffering like yourself and are maybe – shall we say – not as confident as you are about writing or expressing their feelings about MS and it’s many problems. For us non-MS sufferers it has given us knowledge and understanding of MS and its many prblems and we congratulate you on this blog. Long may it continue – the blog of course!!
    Take care – lots of love Auntie B xx

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