15. Bingo dabber goes on holiday

I have just returned from a girly mini-break in sunny Malaga … like all the best things it was rather unexpected but popped up at just as I needed it most. Four days of yummy food, pink wine, snoozing and sight seeing works better than any medicine when you are feeling fed up and down in the dumps about everything.

It did, however, present a new challenge and one which I hadn’t expected to encounter quite so early into my relationship with my bingo dabber. After all we’re barely past courting and a foreign holiday together seemed a bit hasty.

Space is at a premium when travelling with hand luggage only on a Ryanair flight and so the addition of the jab kit was somewhat of a hinderance, even in it’s travel-friendly form.

The addition of the mini cool bag (pretty similar to a lunch box), freezer pack to keep it cool during transit, bingo dabber, ‘mini’ yellow sharps bin and the required number of syringes for the trip, did nothing help the situation and prevented me from taking that extra just-in-case pair of heels.

I was a little concerned as to how I would get this lot past security. As anyone who has ever flown will know, they don’t tend to like sharp things in hand luggage. You know, knives, scissors, syringes … that sort of thing. You can’t even sneak a tub of anti-wrinkle cream through unless it is in a container of less than 100ml and who ever did any harm with that?

I was advised that the way around causing a scene and facing at best confiscation and at worst arrest, was to obtain a letter from my MS nurse explaining what the jab kit was and what it was for. The letter helpfully stated that my jab kit ought to be allowed on board as an additional piece of hand luggage however upon seeing the Ryanair-luggage-gestapo I was glad that I had managed to fit the jab kit into my Cath Kidtston holdall.

I arrived at security prepared for awkwardness or at least some sort of enquiry as to what was in my lunch box. Instead they could not have cared less. I attempted to hand the lunch box over with the accompanying letter of explanation whilst describing the contents to the chap behind the counter at the scanners. Maybe it was the fact that it was 4am. Maybe it was the fact that I look very trustworthy. Or maybe it was the fact that he did not give a stuff. Either way my jab kit passed through without so much as a raised eyebrow and the letter of explanation remained unfolded.

By the time we arrived at the hotel the syringes were still cool and so I was able to transfer them into the mini-bar nestled between the over-priced miniatures and the pringles.

On the way home I of course had to bring the mini yellow bucket with me for disposal. This time I didn’t even bother getting it out of my bag and no one even noticed.

I remember passing though security at Dubai when someone was found to have a fork in their bag, presumably that they had nicked from their hotel. The fork was duly confiscated. They don’t mess around in Dubai.

However as a passenger that is arguably more comforting as the thought of a passenger with four syringes of an un-checked drug on board a plane is pretty concerning.

And so the bingo dabber and I have shared our first holiday together – a short break to Malaga. The addition of the bingo dabber proved to be rather uneventful. I had secretly hoped for some sort of controversy or incident, to provide some decent blog material if nothing else.

I hope that my bingo dabber will become increasingly well travelled. In fact I regret not taking a photograph of it by a palm tree, or on the top of the open top sightseeing bus, like people do with teddy bears and the like.

So it seems that this has marked the end of the initial getting-to-know-you period of courtship. Me and the bingo dabber have moved onto something rather more permanent and are seemingly stuck with each other. It’s just a shame that we missed out the ‘honeymoon period’ of our relationship. Cos we haven’t had much fun so far.



7 thoughts on “15. Bingo dabber goes on holiday

  1. Never mind pics of the dabber on the bus….we should have got one of those fit young professional footballers to hold it between their teeth……!! X

    • Tell more Claire P ! don’t leave us all wondering ‘ which young professional footballers ? ‘ and would they be worth knowing if they knew what a ‘ bingo dabber ‘ was ! x Valerie.

      • Well Nicoletta another hurdle with the ‘ bingo dabber ‘ over – it will all be easy from now on ! Mum x

      • The malaga team, all in their 20’s fit and tanned, they probably didn’t speak English but who needs small talk ha ha

  2. I guess they’re used to syringes as anyone with diabetes will have to take them. Otherwise you’d have to get special high heels that you could hide a syringe in, like a secret agent 😉

  3. I totally loved this entry. I went to Mexico with my friend a couple of months ago and when I brought all my Copaxone duds with me, I thought security was going to give me a hard time. But no, didn’t even notice anything on the screening! Crazy right? The worst part of that trip was that I stupidly left my carry on (that contained the needles) on the plane and I only realized after switching to our connecting flight. I alerted the stewards ( w/ a fight) had to tell all the airport security my sob story and how I have MS and those needles are urgently necessary for me to locate. So luckily 2 really amazingly sweet ladies found the carry on under my seat!!!! I swear if I could have given them a reward I wd have. The funny thing was I was on my way to a yoga retreat. Boy I needed yoga after that! When I came back on board carrying my bag of MS crap, the whole plane applauded and brought me to tears. Only someone like you can appreciate my story. It’s me alipop if u didn’t know. Hope ur doing great.

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