12. The night before tomorrow…

Ok, so the time has finally come. No more lying low, hiding the box in the fridge behind the eggs, pretending it isn’t happening. For tomorrow I am having my first injection.

Fortunately I won’t be alone. I will be in the capable hands of my MS nurse who is going to give me a tutorial on all that is involved.  I expect that I will have to do the actual injecting bit myself though to show that I can do it. Wonder if they’ll have me practise on something first? Like a student doctor perhaps …. I’ve seen those programmes where they practise putting cannulas into patients …. well maybe its payback time?

My appointment is tomorrow afternoon at the hospital. I have been instructed to bring my bingo dabber and one of the Copaxone-filled-syringes. But interestingly not the funky two-tone rucksack.

I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but at the same time I just want to get it over and done with. I seem to have been waiting forever, waiting for the kit to arrive, waiting for this appointment. And with waiting comes anxiety and dread. Unless of course you are waiting for something good to happen with which comes excitement and anticipation. Well excitement and anticipation certainly aren’t words I would use to describe tomorrows activities.

I am, however, strangely relieved that by this time tomorrow all my questions will have been answered and I will know exactly what it is like. And hopefully it will not be as bad as I think.

Watch this space …


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