11. Special Delivery …

When this arrived I was pretty excited. I thought perhaps Christian Louboutin had stumbled upon my blog and having been touched by my plight had sought to compensate me with a preview of his summer collection. Or that maybe Mulberry were so saddened by the scratches sustained by my Bayswater bag during the Spinningfields-stumbling-debacle that they had couriered over a Cookie Lily bag in Pebbled Beige Soft Matt Leather …..

Perhaps the fact that I had to collect the parcel from Lloyds Pharmacy ought to have alerted me to the fact that it was neither of the above.

Instead the box contained the following:


(i) A yellow sharps bin. A rather stark reminder of what I must do everyday from now on. Sadly I wasn’t given the option of alternative colour-ways. For if I had I would probably have opted for pink. Or Cath Kidston style floral. Instead I plan on fashioning some sort of discrete yet stylish cover upon which I shall update in due course …



(ii) A ‘pen’ into which the syringes are inserted before injecting. Although I would have said it pays more resemblance to a ‘bingo dabber’ …



(iii) A rucksack in two-tone shades of blue. Sadly not Mulberry …

(iv) The needles. 28 ready filled syringes in individually sealed plastic blister packs packed neatly into a box. Which must be kept refrigerated. And so are currently in my fridge between the Flora and last nights left-overs.


So apparently I now have everything I need … a yellow bucket, a bingo dabber, a nifty blue rucksack and more needles than any self-respecting junkie …. however before I can get ‘clicking’ I am missing just one thing ….

…. someone to tell me what to do with it all???



5 thoughts on “11. Special Delivery …

  1. In all my years I would not know what a ‘bingo dabber’ was if I fell over it ! The things I’m learning from your blog ! x

  2. Finally arrived! What’s the rucksack for?? Youre not supposed to have to carry it all round with you! Let us know if you need any moral support or distraction techniques, I could do some interpretive dance to take your mind off it!

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