Update ….

1. No, my injection kit still hasn’t arrived. Yes, I have been keeping a low profile and am yet to alert anyone to the fact that it hasn’t arrived. Yes I promise I will phone my MS nurse and tell her that it hasn’t arrived. No I haven’t told the hospital that I have emigrated.

2. Neil’s London Marathon training seems to be going quite well. I went for a run with him last week to check up on his progress. His technique seems good, one leg in front of the other. We only did a short run as I didn’t want to show him up. He racked up over 80 miles in January and did 17 miles on Saturday. I understand that this Saturday he will be doing 20 miles. Obviously I would join him but sadly I have prior commitments …. I am however available for Friday-night-carb-loading and this may be better suited to my talents. I can eat more pasta than anyone else in the whole world.

3. Neil’s fundraising is also going well from sponsorship and cake sales. A big thank you to Barbara, Philippa’s cake teacher, who gave us a lovely Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake earlier this week. A big thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets to win said cake – we raised £55! And finally a big thank you to Barrie who won said cake for sharing it round the office … it was yummy.

4. I have taken delivery of two books from Amazon which have come recommended;

‘Awkward Bitch, My life with MS’ by Marlo Donato Parmelee

and ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – An evidence based guide to recovery’ by Professor George Jelinek.

I will let you know how I get on with them.

5. On Wednesday evening I will be meeting a group of others with MS for a drink.  I’m looking forward to this but am apprehensive at the same time … again I will let you know how it goes.

6. Next Monday I am seeing an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist from the Neuro-Outreach Team. Not sure what to expect ….

So it’s all go go go … how did I fill my time before I had MS eh?!


2 thoughts on “Update ….

  1. Hope you like the books! Prof Jelinek gives some great advice for controlling MS, and Marlo seemed like a kindred spirit for you – another glamorous girl with MS (she’s a confirmed shoe addict who works as a designer for DKNY)

  2. Glad you haven’t emigrated! Think Neil’s absence at running club this week proves our theory that he doesn’t want to have to admit he can’t keep up with us! X

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