8. My Dad wants to drill my brain…

Ok, so that’s not entirely true, I may have used a little artistic licence there …

… however, it seems that Italy, the country that has provided the rest of the world with the best food, cars, architecture, and men … (all according to my dad) … has now provided us with the cure for MS.

Dr Paolo Zamboni, an Italian surgeon, is of the view that MS is in fact caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels to the brain which in turn causes a build up of iron that leaks into the brain tissue and it is this that causes the damage. He has called this ‘Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency’, or the more snappy ‘CCSVI’ and has developed an operation which widens the blood vessels again by inserting a stent or a balloon.

Now as I’ve already mentioned my family would do anything they could to make things right, to make the MS go away. So when my family in Italy came across this potential miracle cure, hysteria hit the Amatino’s. No sooner than you can say ‘ciao’ my cousin was on the phone to Dr Zamboni and my Dad was on the Easyjet website booking flights over there. And no-one had even mentioned it to me by this point.

But as with most miracle cures, it seems that this may be too good to be true, or at least isn’t yet properly tested and proven to be successful. On the one hand it has been described as ‘promising’ and has shown to have been successful in many cases. But equally many describe it as ‘controversial’ and I have read of a death in Canada following the op.

In the UK, NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) has recently undertaken a consultation into the procedure and is encouraging further research.

Needless to say I am less enthusiastic about the thought of jetting off to have my skull drilled in a somewhat experimental procedure than I am about injecting myself on a daily basis …

However what this does show is that things are always moving forward, research is continuing and potential solutions are being sought. And whilst I already have more potential options for help than those 10 or 20 years further down the MS path than me, the options are ever increasing too.

I just won’t be sitting still at my parent’s house for a while … after all my Dad is the proud owner of the full range of Black and Decker power tools … and has been known to glue his own wounds back together in DIY home surgery rather than take a trip to A&E … Better keep a low profile until the hysteria at the Amatino’s dies down …


4 thoughts on “8. My Dad wants to drill my brain…

  1. Ha! Ha! really funny ! You narrated the moment perfectly ! You never know, what with cut backs and recession DIY surgery might catch on ! Dad is so experienced he could start up another business ! On a more serious note – you are correct in thinking that things move on all the time – new drugs, new treatments, new findings. We laugh now, maybe in the future the procedure may be the norm. Mum x

  2. Hi Nicoletta, I am Paul Hodgkinson’s ma-in-law & it was Paul who sent me your blog.

    Well done, you have captured all the knowledge that it has taken me 19 years , since I was first diagnosed in 1993, to achieve!! I look forward to your blog ‘coz it makes me smile & laugh, you really can make any situation funny. I read your first one last week & thought WOW . You must think of writing a book or if you get M.S.matters send your story to them, I’m sure it will brighten up somebodies day. I never read books about M.S. they are so dreary & please do not end up in the national Newspaper saying – How I am fighting M.S.!! – aren’t I brave & wonderful – & it makes me feel useful, why am I not climbing Mt. Everest at the weekend after I have made Sunday dinner!! or racing around Brands Hatch on my power wheelchair. I did go horse riding some years ago but it ended up disastrous because of my ex-husband – note the EX. Oh & by the way if you meet an ALPHA man he will not be able to cope if a wheelchair enters the house…he cannot fix it or control it so feels useless & goes off Sh…..g younger tarts. Sorry Nicoletta I have gone personal so I will finish now & thanks again – is’nt Paul lovely – we get on great & have many a laugh.I am so thankful he is with my daughter & they have produced 3 beautiful boys.

    Look forward to the next chapter, & I will think of some of my ludicrous experiences!!

    P.S. I know you are Italian descent, is there any man in your family who is lonely? or just wants a companion – I love Italy & anyone with an Italian accent.
    Marie xx:-)

  3. Don’t think you need worry-if it’s anything like our house the drill won’t be charged up, meaning you have the chance to make a quick escape! 😉

  4. Quite right Phyllis – the full range of power tools and not one of them charged when you need one ! But I shall be personally draining the power of all drills in the future ! x Valerie

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