Thank you…

As you all probably know I’m not on Facebook so when on Friday evening Jennie suggested she ‘poke’ my blog or whatever it is you do on Facebook I agreed. But after a Bellini and several glasses of wine I underestimated the power of Facebook. By Saturday afternoon I was receiving comments on the blog, texts and messages on twitter. I had been well and truly ‘outed’. Like the time HHJ Lever asked me which Chambers I was from and I had to admit to the packed court room that I was …. CPS.

I have been absolutely amazed and touched by the response. Not only has everyone read the blog but you all seem to like it and have taken it in the way it was intended. So a huge thank you. I know you don’t need me to tell you not to be sad about it. And it’s ok to talk to me about it. All I ask is that you keep reading.

Lots of love xx



4 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Ur a pretty tuff chick!!! Thats cool! Maybe ull av some bad times but you sure av an array of folk MORE than willing to listen / talk on here. Shows ur a very special popular girl. x

  2. Nicoletta! You are truly beautiful internally and externally. You write beautifully and walk with class on your stilettos with your crazy stockings. You are an inspiration to us all, so courageous in writing about your experiences. As Martin Luther King said “Courage faces fear and thereby masters it”. Anything I can do, any time, just say. Go Girl! xxx

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